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X Boost

A health food containing glutathione made from three amino acids that help prevent oxidation.


120 Tablets

300 mg/tablet

4 tables a day (120mg)


Also called "miracle tree" in the Philippines, it is a health food using moringa from the Philippines, which is a kind of vegetable and widely used for food.


120 Tablets

300 mg/tablet

4 tables a day (120mg)

Prima Lux Body Lotion


A lotion containing anti-aging ingredients that is suitable for all skin types. It nourishes the skin and forms a barrier on the surface, which is effective for moisturizing.

300 ML


A hydroquinone-containing cream that has outstanding effects on whitening and simitli.


For All Skin Types

Cosme Skin Care

Grasya Premium Papaya Placenta Bar Soap

For Face & Body

Prima Lux Papaya Soap with other 17 Main Ingredients can make your skin looks supple, smooth, brighter, healthier and younger. Papaya is a tropical fruit often can be found in Asian Countries and other tropical countries. Papaya is rich in Vitamin C, but you can do more with papaya than to eat it. It is also add in beauty products like papaya soap to improve skin appearance and for a healthy skin. Thru its natural ingredients, it is gentle and safe to use on different parts of the body including our face. It cleans and remove dirt and have an antioxidant properties that can help to reduce irregular pigmentation and also stimulate collagen production.

It also contains Vitamin A that promotes the production of new skin cells, reduce dark spots, scars and blemishes. It also contains the enzyme papain, which breaks down protein that can exfoliate the skin and give it a healthier appearance. Through exfoliation it will remove dead skin cell from the surface of your skin. Your skin naturally renew itself but with papaya soap it can leave the skin brighter, smoother and even skin the tone. In addition, it can also reduce breakouts for acne-prone skin. Its ability to prevent dead skin cells from clogging pores which can also reduce acne and can reduce dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

Bar Soap Box - BLESS.png


Bar Soap - BLESS.png

Whitening & Deo

(Knee, Elbow, Neck, Underarm, & Inner Thighs)


A cream containing niacinamide seven that is effective in suppressing blackening of the armpits and hidden areas.


(not for face)

Refreshing Cream

Salt Care Body Scrub


Uses silky fine salt that removes dead skin cells and reproduces smooth skin, making it ideal for darkened heels and elbows.


(For Body Only)


Grasya Set


Grasya Toner helps remove dirt and oil on your face or makeup residue that clogs on your pores that cannot be removed by regular facial wash. It also closes pores and tightens cell gaps after cleansing, reducing the penetration of impurities and environmental toxins that contaminate your skin. It also protects and removes cholerine and minerals on your face that you get on tap water. Grasya Toner penetrates into your skin rapidly.

Grasya Essence acts as a pore minimizer and skin renewal. Essence is a concentrated formula that targets wrinkles, fine lines, pores, and dull and uneven skin tones. It contains an active ingredient that optimizes your skin's natural cell and skin regeneration effect and with regular use, you will make your skin smoother and brighter. It will definitely revitalize your skin so that with continued use. Making your skin supple, healthier, and ageless.

Grasya Moisturizer is an excellent long-lasting moisturizer and gives skin a hydrated, plump, and soft appearance. The texture is light and non-greasy, and it can easily distribute in the skin and it penetrates the skin rapidly. It also helps to regulate excess oil production that can cause acne. It doesn’t clog to pores or cause acne in the slightest. It has an anti-aging property that will reduce fine lines and wrinkles and prevent premature aging. This can help reduce inflammatory skin disease and the damage the skin that undergone due to free radicals. It also whitens and even your skin tone and gives your skin a luxurious look. It is suitable for all skin types and comfortable to use in any season.

CoEnzyme Q10 EX



94.5g (350㎎ x 270 capsules)

Supporting energetic and youthful everyday life!

Coenzyme Q10 is a necessary ingredient for energy production and is also called vitamin Q. It contains coenzyme Q10, which is indispensable for creating strong power and energy, and astaxanthin, which supports youthful life.


Olive oil, coenzyme Q10, red wine extract powder, haematococcus algae extract, French coast pine bark extract, tocotrienol / gelatin, glycerin, glycerin fatty acid ester, caramel color

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