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Company Profile



Bless LLC. is a company located in Ome, Tokyo, Japan that offers different variety of supplements and cosmetics that promotes beauty and health to our clients.  We personally assist the needs of our clients through our senior health consultants, advising them the best product for their skin care and health care.  Our affiliate, Grasya Company Ltd. is the sole and official distributor of Grasya products that is already out in the market.  Our Philippine office, Grasya Blessing Company was also established as the marketing platform in the sales industry both locally and internationally.  We are not just a company for profits but also a company that preserves ecology by using only natural ingredients and promote healthy lifestyle to our clients, because in Grasya, we create beauty for tomorrow.



Mr. Motoharu Tsukada, the owner, founder, and CEO of Grasya Co. Ltd. The Co-founder and COO of Grasya Company Ltd. is Mr. Nicky A. Call, a visionary that creates products for health and beauty.  He formulates medicine, supplements, and cosmetics for other Japanese companies.  Inspired by others and dreaming to be known as the creator of effective and high-quality beauty products from Japan, he decided to build another company that sold different kinds of supplements and cosmetics.  His co-founder and a friend, Ms. Grace Nazarene Sato, a visionary herself, established and operates Bless Company, as the mother company and Grasya Company Ltd. (derived from the company name under her Filipino name) as an affiliated company on October 8, 2019.  With an initial capital of ¥2,000,000 and with only twelve (12) employees, the company started its operation.  They were able to accrue business licenses in Manufacturing Supplements, Cosmetics, a Call Centre, an Aesthetic Salon, and an Import & Export business in Japan.   They also opened a Call Centre office in the Philippines that same day, under the name of Grasya Blessing Company, and served as the marketing platform for the business. 

Bless LLC's owner, founder, and CEO are Mr. Yoshihiro Sato. Together with his spouse Ms. Grace Nazarene Sato the COO of the Bless Company. Bless would be the main distributor of Grasya products. Bless LLC is in the process of innovation and creation of new products that will surely awe the market in Japan and throughout the world, as well as, planning the expansion of the business to other countries. 


Since 2019, we have been consistently serving our values, whilst fulfilling our mission and vision.



Our mission is to ensure complete customer satisfaction.  To develop, innovate and provide high quality products to our clients and to build long term relationship with them.   To be the all-in one company that provides all the needs of our clients that specializes in beauty and wellness.


To be the worldwide leading manufacturer and developer of excessively high quality beauty and health supplements and cosmetics made in Japan.  To be known by every individual around the globe as the provider of products that encompasses beauty and wellness and income creation solution.


To enable us to achieve this vision we believed in building partnerships with our clients that reach far deeper than the delivery of products.  Once our client begins achieving outstanding results in a satisfactory manner by means of our excellent products, a better quality of life for each client is attained.


These results in client’s continuous usage of our products, and making this business both sustainable and successful!



Integrity - We are committed to give our clients the best products in the market and be true to our words that our products are effective and efficient to help people have a healthier lifestyle.

Innovation – We continue to do research and innovate endlessly to provide all of our client needs.

Commitment to Excellence – We are committed to make our products competitive and produce high quality products with high quality ingredients to the market and offered cheaper price than other brands.

Respect for People – We honour and respect every clients and employees and make sure to listen to their every opinions and feedbacks to continuously improve our products and services.





Our products are meticulously formulated by our professional Japanese Chemists in compliance with the standard regulation of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (厚生労働省 Kōsei-rōdō-shō?).   We made sure our products are well packed and properly sealed to ensure the freshness of its ingredients and safety consumption or usage of our clients.  Our products only use the finest natural ingredients and Japan’s High Technology equipment that guarantees the efficacy of each product we produced.

  • Supplements


We offer different varieties of supplements that specializes in whitening, anti-aging, slimming and for the body’s health and well-being.  Our supplement comes in tablet form and in capsule form to be easily digested by the body and also helps increase our body’s metabolism.  Our popular and in-demand supplement is the GLUTA-X Boost that nourishes our body with anti-oxidant and whitening capabilities.  It also helps cleanse our liver to prevent illnesses and other diseases.   We do understand our client’s needs and lifestyle.  Thus, we are striving hard to produce more high quality supplements without jeopardizing the customer’s finances.



  • Cosmetics


We have different cosmetic products that are hypo-allergenic and can suit to all skin types.  We meticulously developed cosmetics that cater to every individual’s skin concerns or problems.  Our best-selling cosmetic product is the Grasya Skin Care Set that is mainly used for skin whitening, anti-aging and prevents/removing skin blemishes.  It is a complete package that can be used as a daily beauty regimen.  Made with all natural ingredients from different kinds of plants and fruits, our cosmetic products are certainly a big hit to everyone with a very competitive price at the same time that suits the budget so well.

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