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Carefree with Backless. Glowing skin is always in!

Updated: May 11, 2021

Model: Ms. Reych Ann

Location: Ome, Tokyo, Japan

Beautiful skin requires dedication, patience, and proper care. Stop being lazy and start taking care of your skin. Invest in your skin as it represents you for a very long time. Choosing a good product is a good investment. Salt Care Body Scrub removes dead skin cells and regenerates healthy skin cells. The main advantage of sea salt is mineral magnesium. Magnesium is great for skin as it helps remove dry skin conditions. This helps improve skin texture and hydration. Sea salt is known as an excellent exfoliating agent for the body. Since our skin regenerates every 27 days, sea salt scrubs on the body help remove dry skin cells and dirt that cannot be removed with regular soap. It can help get rid of acne on your body, especially in the area behind your body.

Never underestimate the power glow of sea salt on your skin. Use Salt Care Body Scrub, because "Glowing skin is always in!"

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