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Trust me, salt is important

Have you ever gone swimming at the beach? Many people notice their skin improvements whenever they went swimming in the sea or ocean. Some of the skin conditions such as cuts, rashes, eczema, psoriasis, grazes and even acne heal faster. Sea salts are full of minerals that beneficial to the skin like magnesium, calcium, zinc, potassium and more. Our bodies contain same concentration of minerals and nutrients like sea water does. Therefore, sea salt is good for our health and skin. It absorbs the toxins in the body and on the surface of the skin, including acne-causing bacteria and works to treat infections and speed up the healing process.

The main benefit of the sea salt is mineral magnesium. Magnesium is great for the skin because it helps to get rid the dry skin condition. This will help improve the texture and hydration of the skin. Sea salt is known as a great exfoliator for the body. As our skin regenerate every 27 days, using sea salt scrub on your body will help your skin to remove dry skin cell and dirt that cannot be remove by your ordinary soap. It can help to get rid acne on your body specially the back area of your body.

Using Salt Care Body Scrub, it will help your skin to regenerate new skin cell and maintain the moisture to avoid the dryness that can cause premature aging. It will also help your skin to produce excessive oil to prevent acne. Salt Care detoxify toxins from the chemical that absorbs your skin. It has an ability to absorbs water from the air reducing dry and dull patches on your skin.

It has an antiviral and antibiotic properties that will help your wound heal faster and preventing bacteria to enter. Salt Care helps to provide the antioxidant properties like medical herb such an effective healing remedy.


· Get rid of dry skin

· Moisturize skin

· Hydrate skin

· Exfoliate skin

· Regenerate new skin cell

· Renew skin

· Fight acne-causing bacteria

· Help to prevent skin infections

· Heal cuts, grazes, rashes, eczema, psoriasis and acne

· Fight toxins

· Makes skin firmer

· Detoxify skin

· Restore the skin’s natural PH balance

· Provides vitamins, minerals and nutrients that the skin need

· Restore skin’s natural oil balance

· Smooth skin

· Adds hydration and maintain water balance on skin

· Nourishes skin

· Enhance skin appearance

· Heal skin

· Helps to restore and retain moisture

· Helps to prevent skin cancer

· Strength skin barrier

· Revitalize skin

· Soften skin

· Suitable in all skin type

· Fight bacteria

· Prevent acne

· Reduce body odor

Use Salt Scrub 2 times a week during your bath.

Note: Do a patch test before using.

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