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The Amazing Papaya Placenta Bar Soap

Model: Ms. Charlotte Sabocor

Location: Ome, Tokyo, Japan

Prima Lux Papaya Placenta Soap

Papaya Soap is very popular in the Philippines. Papaya content can also be found in other beauty products like soap, lotion, face cream, and hair products. With the amazing benefits, Papaya Soap is really popular in the market.

Besides dessert, Papaya or Papain is most commonly found in soap form. With its skin brightening and anti-aging benefit, papaya also contains Vitamin A that promotes the production of new skin cells, reduce dark spots, scars, and blemishes. It will exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells and will help to improve skin texture thru time.

The placenta is also present in the ingredients. With the combination of Papaya and Placenta which is a great product for skin brightening and anti-aging, it will also rejuvenate your skin to make it firm, smooth and hydrated all the time.

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