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Spring can cause skin problem.

Did you know that Spring Season may leads to a certain Skin Problem?

1. Increases Exposure to UV Rays

2. Sweating And Breakouts

3. Prone to Irritation and pimples or acne

4. Increases Oil Production

Worry Free! Coz here in Grasya, we will give you the best Skin Care products suited for this season.

How To Care For Your Skin Using Grasya Skin Care Set:

1. Cleansing (Soap) - Wash your face with Papaya Placenta Soap to remove dirt and dead skin cells. (Use in the morning or evening.)

2. Deep Cleansing / Toning (Toner) - Grasya Toner helps wipe away left-over makeup and deep seethed dirt without taking away the skin's natural oil. It also clear pores and removes excess sebum or facial oil to make way for the Grasya Essence to deeply penetrate into the skin. (Use cotton pad and apply to face in an upward stroke. Use in the morning or evening.)

3. Whitening Essence - Grasya Essence has a highly concentrated formula that tackle every specific skin problems. Whitens, tightens and make skin supple and younger looking. (Put ample amount on fingertip and apply all over face in a circular motion. Use in the morning or evening.)

4. Whitening Moisturizer - Follow with Grasya moisturizing cream to make skin hydrated, silky smooth and rosy white skin. (Apply to cover face and massage in a circular motion. Use in the evening.)

5. Whitening UV Protect - Use Cosme Skin Care to remove dark spots, freckles or pimple marks. It also protects your skin from the harmful UV Rays. (Take a pea size amount on your fingertip and apply to the dark areas of your skin and also can be use in the morning or evening.)

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