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Protect your skin from the sun!


Excellent Moisture

UV Protect Cream

SPF50+ PA+++

Sunscreen protects your skin and reduces your risk of developing skin cancer and skin pre-cancers. It also helps your skin to prevent premature aging due to prolonged sun exposure and environmental toxins and pollutions.

Whether it is the rainy season or at home, putting sunscreen in the daytime is a must. Avoid Blotchy Skin & Hyperpigmentation, protect your skin from the sun.

Obuizi Suncreen has SPF50+. The use of sunscreens that offer good UVA protection is important because there is a very large amount of UVA rays in sunlight. Considerable exposure to UVA rays can even occur in the shade. The broadest degree of protection from sunlight is provided by high Sun Protection Factors (SPF) sunscreen products (SPF 30 or greater) that also contain good UVA blockers. It also has PA+++ = High UVA protection.

SPF50 + PA +++ A UV protection cream of the OBUIZI series that combines 8 types of EGF, which is a growth factor component. A UV cream that blends well with the skin and is less irritating.


The skin is damaged by daily UV rays, stress, and energy production processes, and the effects cause various skin problems. The 8GF Premium Series contains Amitose 3GA, which leads to firm daily life.

8GF (OBUIZI) series contains eight growth factor ingredients that bring firmness and transparency from the depths of the stratum corneum. It is skincare that does not make you feel age.

8GF (OBUIZI) series contains eight growth factor:

· Human oligopeptide-1 ------ improve skin cell function

· bEGF (Rejuline) ------ promote skin EMC production

· TGFβ (TGP2) ------ anti-inflammatory

· TGFβ (β-White) ------ Whitening, dullness and stain care

· Thymosinβ4 (Prohairinβ4) ------ promote collagen production

· IGF1(IDP5) ------ protective activation of skin cells

· HGF (ChronoLine) ------ basement membrane rejuvenation

· EGF (EDP3) ------ EGF Booster action

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