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The skin is damaged by daily UV rays, stress, and energy production processes, and the effects cause various skin problems. The 8GF Premium Series contains Amitose 3GA, which leads to firm daily life.

8GF (OBUIZI) series contains eight growth factor ingredients that bring firmness and transparency from the depths of the stratum corneum. It is skincare that does not make you feel age.

8GF (OBUIZI) series contains eight growth factor:

  • Human oligopeptide-1 ------ improve skin cell function

  • bEGF (Rejuline) ------ promote skin EMC production

  • TGFβ (TGP2) ------ anti-inflammatory

  • TGFβ (β-White) ------ Whitening, dullness and stain care

  • Thymosinβ4 (Prohairinβ4) ------ promote collagen production

  • IGF1(IDP5) ------ protective activation of skin cells

  • HGF (ChronoLine) ------ basement membrane rejuvenation

  • EGF (EDP3) ------ EGF Booster action

Epidermal growth factor (EGF)

EGF stimulates the growth of epidermal and epithelial cells, acting as a healing agent that restores damaged skin. Binding and signaling the cells to behave accordingly like a healthy cell, it will grow and repair. It has many benefits for your skin, such as wrinkle improvement, hydration, and pigmentation prevention. EGF will encourage cell growth and stimulate fibrous proteins to improve skin elasticity, such as collagen and elastin. Skin will repair by stimulating the growth of new skin cells, plus it enhances the skin barrier which allows the skin to hold on moisture for your skin and maintain optimal levels of hydration to become smoother and softer. It also prevents melanin production during the healing process of a wound; therefore, it enhances your skin and lessens the acne marks, dark and red spots left behind after breakouts, and other forms of hyperpigmentation.

Our bodies naturally produce EGF, but as we age, the production decreases, slowing down the speed of repairing the skin itself. If you are noticing early signs of aging in your skin, it is absolutely a good time to start using EGF in your routine. You may well want to do so earlier if you find your skin experiences scarring or red marks after breakouts. Use EGF in the evening when cell turnover means the skin is at its healing peak. Apply it after cleansing and before moisturizing.


Excellent Moisture Cream?

Apple Stem Cell Extract

Apple Fruit Cultured Cell Extract

  • Maintaining stem cell proliferative capacity

  • Protection of stem cell from UV lights

  • Increased expression of specific genes associated with delayed aging

  • Delayed aging effect and anti-wrinkle effect

  • Formation of 3D cultured skin model

Like humans, plants also have stem cells. Apple Stem Cell works just like human stem cells, they work to maintain and repair skin tissue. The main difference is that, unlike apple stem cells, skin stem cells do not have a long lifespan, and once they begin depleting, the signs of aging start kicking in. Apple Tress has the ability to heal itself and last longer. Apple stem cells are proven to diminish the signs of aging. It also boosts the production of human stem cells, protects and decreases wrinkles. It protects and maintains the human stem cells and provides dramatic results.

  • Increase in your skin stem cell vitality and longevity

  • Repairs damaged tissues and organs

  • Activates your own skin stem cell regeneration

  • Protects human stem cells against UV light

  • Combats chronological and genetic aging and deep wrinkles

  • The topical application reduces the depth of crows feet wrinkles after two weeks

  • Targets premature aging and fine lines

  • Reverses environmental damage

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